Yachting in the Past

Yachting in the Past

The history of yachting goes back to the 17th century when the first yachts were made with just enough room to house only a few men and a couple of months’ worth of food and supplies. This would include the use of fresh produce and hold a area where people could be confined should the need arise. The first yachts on the market were made to be fast and be seaworthy. They were perfect for unchartered waters. Today’s luxury mega yachts are different than the yachts of yesteryear

Besides the vessel being used for the sole purpose of exploring, the yachting vessel played a important role in a number of wars and battles. In previous years, the Dutch would use the yacht as a armed tender while the infamous battle of the blockade of the Portuguese ships was actually one of the most essential roles in the Iberian dominance during the spice trade in 1601.

Yachting for indulgence and pleasure came along a number of years ago when the Egyptian Pharaohs loved the splendor of the water and would travel by water to reach their destinations. The yacht back then is much different than what it is today. It would later be in the 1600’s that the joy of yachting would really surface.

Yachting came along first by the Dutch and would later on be picked up by people and enthusiasts in Europe. It is widely loved by various cultures because of the wondrous and natural aspect of the water. You should know that yachting is a passion for most and has to be enjoyed respectively by those who love to boat and yacht.

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