John Rosatti’s Indulgence in Yachts

John Rosatti’s Indulgence in Yachts

In the history of yachting, it is widely known that John Rosatti is fascinated by yachts. He owns the super luxury yacht Remember When, built by Christensen Shipyards, makers of Nice ’n Easy, also owned by John Rosatti. His close association with Christensen is clearly illustrated in his repeat business for the fourteenth time.

The exteriors are stylishly designed by naval architects, which features a full shear embankment that is raised forward. It has a swimming deck, extended sundeck, and a 19’ jet tender. Remember When boasts vertical windows while Nice ’n Easy is marked for its raked windows.

This mega yacht is a personification of elegant interiors, designed by Carol Williamson & Associates. However, the interior woodwork was planned by Christensen, which features a walnut styling with a black high-gloss finish. With six spacious cabins, four cabins are solely allocated for guests. The other two cabins are the VIP and owner’s cabin.

The yacht is designed to reach a maximum speed of seventeen-and-a-half knots, with twin engines of 4000 series, MTU 12V. Thus, the special speed features ensure extraordinary speed when compared to the regular comfortable cruising speed of twelve knots. Tops notch GPS navigational equipment provides reliability and safety. Ocean Yacht Systems and the Navy’s maneuvering and control systems are responsible for installing comfort and safety with the Positioning with Dynamic Hold at Anchor system.

For accurate routing purposes, the boat has bow sonar, two infrared cameras which demonstrate a screen split for a 180 degree view, one X band radar and two radars at S band for the range of 96 nautical miles range. Two TV satellite dishes and one internet satellite dish provide unlimited access to TV and internet. The diligence of John Rosatti has never left any detail of construction unaddressed, making this yacht distinctive among other yachts within the same category. Walnut wood is used in the making of walls and cabinets, with additional inlay of exquisite marble and stonework.

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