John Rosatti – A Background of the Life and Accomplishments

John Rosatti – A Background of the Life and Accomplishments

John Rosatti is not just a client/owner of a yacht, but he and his close friend John Staluppi are coowners of Millennium Super Yachts. Based out of North Palm Beach, Millennium Super Yachts take luxury, class and speed to a whole new level. Staluppi and Rosatti continue to out-do themselves year after year; striving to make their boats faster, lighter, and more beautiful. Their passion for never settling has made their business one of the most respected in the yachting world. Millennium has been mentioned numerous times in yachting publications such as Showboats International, Yachting Magazine, and Power and Motor Yacht.

While running multiple businesses and raising a family can take a considerable amount of time and energy, Rosatti still continues to be actively involved as an avid benefactor to several charitable organizations. Motivated in part by memories of his own family working hard to make a better life for themselves, Rosatti began donating his time and money to organizations that he felt would benefit greatly by his personal participation. Three such organizations include The American Heart Association, the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County and The G & P Foundation for Cancer Research. Thanks in part to Rosatti’s donations and support to the latter organization, he “..helped make
this year’s Angel Ball our most successful to date, raising over $5 million dollars.” As The G & P Foundation’s co-founder Denise Rich added, “it was a record-breaking year for the Foundation and a triumph for cancer research. We could not have done it without your support.” With annual donations exceeding $50K a year benefiting the Boys and Girls Club, as well as his continued support of the American Heart Association through his participation in the Northern Palm Beach Heart Ball, John Rosatti continues to give back to those in need.

Perhaps his largest donation to date was his generous gift in 2002 to his children’s school, The Benjamin School. Located in North Palm Beach, Florida, The Benjamin School, founded in 1960,offers students a challenging, yet diverse college preparatory experience. Rosatti pledged $1,000,000 to fund the Rosatti Administrative/Library and Media Center, which was named in honor of his late wife Bonni. Said Interim Head of School Jim Young, “the Administration Center benefits faculty, students, alumni, administrators, parents and visitors alike. We are pleased to name this building in memory of Bonni Rosatti and we know that this building will benefit the Benjamin family for generations tocome.”

With many more productive years ahead, John Rosatti has set a course for himself, his business endeavors, and his charitable ventures to be admired by many. Persevering through many personal tragic events, Rosatti has proven over time his passion for living, his adoration for his loving family,
and his never-ending pursuit of the American dream. His drive for success blends seamlessly with his constant devotion and connection to his close-knit family – indeed proving that one can have it all.

Author Napoleon Hill said ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve’ and John Rosatti did the same….

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