Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

Obesity is an absolute epidemic in America today, and it all starts with our children and how we teach them to eat and take care of their bodies. Some parent’s say that with modern day technology finding ways to keep their kids active is harder than it ever was before. I think however, that we can still keep our kids active by engaging with them more, and finding creative, fun ways to exercise.

One of the biggest reasons your children may be on their game pads, phones and video games more often is because you are not involving yourself in the activities that you want them to do. Your telling them to go outside, get some exercise but you aren’t making yourself a part of it and I think that if we engage more closely with our children in that way, they will be far more likely to want to play too!

You can also try to add more exercise to their daily routine by finding fun, exciting ways to get active. For example, take them to the park and make up a game to play or get them a dog and have it be their responsibility to walk and play with it. If you find new and fun ways for your kids to be active, they are much more likely to not only engage in the activity but to stick with it long term as well.

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