Eat Your Way Through Greece

Eat Your Way Through Greece

Eating your way through Greece is the easiest way to enjoy the country while also seeing the best
parts of it. Every city in Greece has family restaurants that serve family recipes, and all these
people are happy to welcome you into their establishments. They want to get to know you as they
serve you food, and they can tell you the best things to do while in each city.

The places that you choose should be very small, and you might even make friends with the people
who own the joint. These are people that you could get to know over time, and you might come
back to Greece in the future to visit them.

The places that you choose have to range from little shops that sell coffee to the places that sell
desserts. You will have to walk around little street corners that bring you in touch with other shops
that you might want to visit. These locations are amazing because they tend to cluster together,
and you could enjoy them all while walking through town.

The tours that you take through each city in Greece need to take you away from the most popular
spots. The purpose of eating your way through Greece is that you go to the quiet parts of the cities
that most people do not know. You are away from the tour groups, and you are even farther away
from the biggest tourist attractions. You get to see a new side of Greece, and you eat well at the
same time.

Plan your food ahead of time or walk around town to the smallest locations to eat. You are trying to
find the hidden gems of Greece that will feed you well on each leg of your trip.

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